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Small User 300 Lbs. Capacity Split Seat Saddle Stool in Leather - 22 to 29 Inch Seat Height

Small User 300 Lbs. Capacity Split Seat Saddle Stool in Leather - 22 to 29 Inch Seat Height

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Product Description

Create a productive and comfortable workspace with the 300-Pound-Capacity Split Seat Saddle Stool. With its ergonomic features, it's designed to make the workplace much more comfortable while helping to protect the physical health of employees. It's also durable and stable, offering the strength of an aluminum frame with the convenience of smooth-rolling casters.

Saddle seat stools are becoming more and more common in medical offices, along with many other industries. They are most well-known for promoting good posture, but saddle seats also open up the hips and chest and reduce pressure on the lower spine and pelvis. Saddle seats engage core muscles and encourage active sitting, all while boosting productivity and alertness.

Split seat saddle stools offer the additional benefit of ventilation and adjustability. Both halves of the seat allow for splay and tilt adjustment to fit your body's needs. The sloped split seat has been designed to reduce the impact on the pressure points during periods of intensive use for an enhanced user experience.

Employees across a wide variety of industries can benefit from ergonomic features of saddle stools. Doctors and medical professionals are some of the top users, but beauticians, artists, and vet techs will all appreciate the way that saddle stools can provide a reduction in fatigue and increase in mobility.

On this truly ergonomic stool, the split saddle seat is cushioned with a high-density molded foam and is upholstered in a genuine cowhide leather for excellent sturdiness. In addition, you can adjust the seat pitch forward for increased active sitting. You can also increase the overall width of the seat by loosening a tension knob and adjusting the left side cushion outwards.

This petite saddle seat cushion measures 13 inches wide by 13 inches deep. It's an ideal fit for users shorter than 5'4". The lightweight yet sturdy polished aluminum 22-inch base fits perfectly in small exam rooms and supports users up to 300 pounds. This stool easily glides across the floor on five swivel casters.

Standard seat height range is 22 to 29 inches high from the center of the seat to the floor. Need something a little taller? Purchase the optional foot ring kit with taller optional gas cylinder to increase the seat height range to 23.5 to 31.5 inches.

Ships unassembled. Shipping weight is 25 pounds. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING! IN STOCK!

Ergonomic Features:

* Sloped split saddle seat fits the natural curve of the hips and thighs, promoting active sitting, neutral spine alignment and reducing pressure on the lower back and pelvis.

* Saddle seating has the added benefit of opening up the hips and loosening tight hip flexors, which contributes to back pain.

* The declining seat edge shifts your body weight to your thighs, more evenly distributing pressure, encouraging better circulation and reducing compression of the spine.

* Can improve upper limb function by stabilizing the shoulder girdle in the seat position, making small hand movements more precise during examinations.

* Stool rolls easily on durable polyurethane casters.

Material & Adjustments:

* Resilient premium high density molded foam padded seat is upholstered in a soft, genuine cowhide leather for durability.

* Sturdy steel frame combined with polished aluminum base supports users up to 300 pounds in medical and commercial settings.

* Polished aluminum base is stronger than steel bases yet lighter weight for ease of mobility.

* Left seat cushion can be adjusted out to widen the seat and the gap between the cushions.

* Pitch of seat can be adjusted forward for more active sitting.

* One touch pneumatic height adjustment.

* 2-inch dual wheel polyurethane swivel casters included. For use on carpet or hard floors.

* Optional drafting kit with foot ring SOLD SEPARATELY.

* Five-Year Warranty.


* Seat measures 13 inches wide by 13 inches deep overall. Gap between split seat can up be to 1.5 inches wide.

* Base is 22 inches in diameter.

* Pneumatic height adjustable raises and lowers the seat 22 to 29 inches high (measured from center of seat to floor.)

* Optional drafting kit increases height range to 23.5 to 31.5 inches high (from center of seat to floor.)

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