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Mesh vs leather: Which chair material is best for me?

When choosing the material for office chairs, it's important to consider a number of factors. The most common office chair materials are mesh and leather. Let's explore the benefits of each.

Mesh Office Chairs

Mesh office chairs are relatively new to the office furniture market. Here are some benefits of mesh chairs:

  • Ventilation. The biggest benefit, and really the reason mesh chairs have become so popular, is ventilation. While fabric and leather can trap a lot of heat, mesh chairs provide air flow between the body and the chair seat and back. They allow the skin to breathe. For this reason, people often choose mesh chairs for 24/7 call centers and other situations where chairs are in use for long periods of time.
  • Lightweight and easy to maintain. Mesh chairs don't carry as much weight as chairs made of other materials. They're easy to move around. They're also easy to wipe clean, and if they get wet, it's no big deal, and no damage occurs.
  • Inexpensive. Mesh chairs typically cost less than their leather or fabric counterparts. The material is not expensive to make, and therefore buyers spend a little less on the chairs.

One con of mesh chairs are limited designs, while fabric and leather chairs offer a greater range of styles and colors. Another disadvantage is that mesh can sag with repeated use, where fabric and leather tend to be a bit more durable over time. Finally, mesh chairs are not always as comfortable to sit in as leather and fabric chairs, as there's no option to insert padding.

Some great mesh office chair options from InStockChairs include the 350-Pound Capacity ErgoFlex All-Mesh Office Chair and the Black Mesh Multi-Function Ergonomic Office Chair.

Leather Office Chairs

Leather office chairs are classic and timeless. Often chosen for their attractive styles, they're also durable and often surprisingly easy to maintain. Here are some advantages:

  • Image and appearance. A leather chair simply says "class." It has an elegant appearance and tends to impress visitors more than mesh would.
  • Comfort. Leather chairs offer padding and support, and they simply feel more comfortable to sink into. Their substantial material gives them room for padding.
  • Durability. A good quality leather material will last a long time and will spring back after much use, while mesh may wear a bit over time.
  • Low maintenance. A good quality leather will clean up nicely with a damp cloth. It can also be vacuumed if crumbs or particles get on it.

One difficulty with leather is that it's not always genuine, and that means it may not offer many of the benefits listed above. It's best to buy from a trusted outlet like InStockChairs.

Some great leather office chairs at InStockChairs include the Diamond Stitched High-Back Swivel Office Chair, available in gray or black, and the luxurious Black Leather Heated Massage Reclining Office Chair.

Another difficulty with leather is that it can bleach and crack. Leather is also prone to scratches from rivets on pants and other sharp objects. The user must take care not to expose leather to too much heat and light, and also to keep sharp objects away from it.


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