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How to pick conference chairs for your office

Choosing conference room chairs is as much about ergonomics and productivity as it is about appearance. You want a nice, attractive conference room, but also one where employees can work without distractions. That chair that squeaks every time it moves is likely a deterrent to product meeting time. Here are some key considerations when choosing office chairs:

  • Space and storage. Consider the space you have available, including the conference table. How will the chairs fit? Are they the correct height for the table (or are they adjustable to be so)? If you will need to reconfigure the space from time and time and move the chairs, consider getting stackable chairs, or ones that move easily from room to room.
  • Appearance. You'll want your conference room chairs to fit with the rest of your décor. Is the rest of your office modern? Then consider something modern, like our sleek Simplistic Stretch Linen Office Chair. Are you looking for a classic environment? Go for a more traditional shape, as in our 500-Pound Capacity 24/7-Rated Armless Task Chair.
  • Table height. Make sure to choose chairs that fit your table height or, better yet, chairs that easily adjust to the proper height. You may even want more of a stool for drafting rooms or other rooms with high workspaces. Check out our office stools and drafting chairs for options.
  • Adjustability. Consider the different types of people who will be using your conference room. You'll have people of many different heights and weights, and you want the chairs to work for them at the table height you have. At a minimum, adjustable height chairs are preferable. You may also want to consider adjustable backrests, armrest heights and even seat depths (yes, InStockChairs has some, including our 24/7 400-Pound Capacity Office Chair).
  • Durability. Consider the materials of the chairs you're purchasing and how long they will last. Leather will typically last longest, but a good quality mesh chair might also work. You don't want to replace your conference room chairs every few years.
  • Comfort. Some meetings last a really long time, and you want to keep your employees comfortable. Look for ergonomic chairs and perhaps even 24/7 chairs if you are expecting employees to sit there for long periods of time. Features like headrests, armrests and adjustable backrests are nice ergonomic features that will keep people comfortable.
  • Chair bases. Think about how you want to use the room, and consider the different bases. A five-star wheeled base, as in the Contemporary Classic Mid Back Leather Office Chair, is a great choice for mobility and classic design. Four-legged chairs, like our Steelworks Leather Reception Room Chair, stack well and are easy to move out of the way or reconfigure for seminars. Chairs like InStockChairs' Fabric Seminar/Reception Room Chair With Casters and Glides are versatile, as they can be fitted with casters or glides, depending on the purpose.
  • Cleanliness. Think about how the chairs will be cleaned. Most mesh and leather can be wiped clean. You might also want to consider antimicrobial chairs that help block virus transmission. Consider our Antimicrobial Vinyl Task Chair.


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