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Why you should invest in a good office chair

Whether you're purchasing a home office chair - and who doesn't have a home office these days - or chairs for a business place, it's important to invest in a chair with features that keep the user comfortable and healthy. After all, most of us spend 40 hours or so working, and much of that time is spent in the chair.

You might think a chair is a chair. It has a seat; it rolls on casters; it has armrests; it gets the job done. That's true, but often the costs of not investing in a good, durable chair are higher than the cost of simply purchasing the right one. Here are a few of those hidden costs you might not have considered:

  • They're not durable or long-lasting. If you buy the cheapest chair you can find, it probably won't stand the test of time, and you'll be back to the drawing board much sooner than you would if you simply spent a little extra money on a quality chair. While a quality chair is made with high-quality materials - the seat, the base, etc. - a cheap chair may be made with inexpensive materials that won't last. The chair's seat cushion may break down. The base may not stand up to wear and tear. In short, you'll spend more over time on several cheap chairs than you would on one good chair.
  • They're not ergonomic. A cheap chair may leave you with back or neck pain, as it's not necessarily designed with ergonomics - the science of engineering for the human body - in mind. Over time, you may develop medical issues from sitting in a chair that's not designed to best support the human body. Again, those medical bills can be costly. So indirectly, buying that inexpensive chair can cost you money that might have been better spent on a good chair.
  • They don't offer warranties. An inexpensive chair probably does not have a warranty, so when the materials start to break down, you'll have to purchase a new one. Conversely, a high-quality chair is not only less likely to break, but more likely to be under warranty in case something does.

What to Look for in an Office Chair

Here are a few features to look for when shopping for a high-quality chair:

  • Is the chair comfortable? Is it designed so that it supports your legs and leaves two inches or less between the knees and the end of the chair seat? Does the height of the chair adjust to fit the desk height? Can you adjust the backrest? Are the armrests - if available - at the right height for you? These are all important considerations.
  • What kind of warranty does the chair offer? You want to aim for a chair lasting at least five years. Does the warranty cover that period of time? Warranties are not a necessity, but they're good to consider in your purchase decision.
  • Is the chair made with high-quality materials? What kind of padding is on the seat? What is the base made of? A high-quality chair description should include these descriptions.
  • Design for purpose. Is the chair designed with the purpose in mind? For example, if it's for a 24/7 call center, is it made to withstand continued use? Does it offer customization for different users? If it's for big and tall people, does it have a wide and deep seat? Is it made with durable materials to withstand weight?


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